Las Vegas needs WrestleMania. Wrestlemania needs Las Vegas

It's been 27 years since WrestleMania 9 took place at Ceasar's Palace- and it's time for a repeat.

Think about it! WWE's ratings are tanking right now. It's been catering to younger fans for decades, but recently decided to switch to an older audience. The only problem, however, is that WWE hasn't found a way to successfully enact that transition yet. 

The company has already turned their biggest babyface, Roman Reigns, into a heel character, and that's probably only the begging of what the company is willing to do to bring in an older audience. 

With that being said, it more than makes sense that WWE host one of their upcoming WrestleManias in Las Vegas! It would really bring in a casual viewer that might want to see what all the fuss is about. If nothing else, Sin City is the perfect place to court the older crowd that is more aligned with WWE's more mature content. 

Furthermore, Allegiant stadium, built to host Las Vegas Raiders games in 2020, can hold up to 65,000 people, thus making it perfect for an event like this. Come on! Who wouldn't want to come to Vegas for WrestleMania weekend? 

Between the gambling, the shows, the music, and the luxury resorts, Las Vegas is a haven for both fans and Superstars alike. It wouldn't just be WrestleMania. It would be WrestleMania in Las Vegas, a completely different animal. 


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